The 2015 Trip to Yunnan “Outstanding Employees”


Hailian Lu, Fangbao Hong, Xiaohua Ren, Yinfeng Li, Gaoxiang Wu, Gui Gao, Shubin Yao, Zongshun Yang, Zhilong Xia, Zhiju Cao and Fulang Cheng

On the morning of March 12, we met together at the gates of the company, and prepared ourselves for our departure, before we started off, the company’s director said to put personal safety first when going out, the purpose is to have fun, and expand your horizon along the way.We boarded the flight from Hongqiao, Shanghai to Kunming with the director’s comments; after more than four hours of flight, the airplane landed on the beautiful land of Yunnan. We first arrived at Kunming, where the sun was shining brightly, so it deserves the reputation it has, when we raised our heads, we were able to see a piece of clear and blue sky as well as plenty of pure white clouds. In this way, we started our beautiful journey with a joyful mood.

Yunnan is a province with the most minorities in the country as it has 25 minorities in the whole province. On this journey, we first felt the friendly climate and the clear blue sky and white cloud of Kunming! Under the guidance of the tour guide, we visited the birthplaces of various valuable cultures and knowledgeable scholars – Dali Ancient Town, Foreigners’ Street, magnificent Lijiang Ancient Town, Sifang Street, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that is covered with snow all the year round and has not been conquered yet by human beings, colorful Yunnan, the “Stone Forest” with the title of the best wonder in the world, and other world wonders. We enjoyed the premier live-action performance in the world, which is directed by the famous director, Zhang Yimou. The grand live-action performance made us feel the unique characteristics of the minorities on the tableland and experience the unique national cultures and customs of the Bai and Naxi Nationality.

We communicated and enhanced the understanding of each other in a pleased mood during the one-week orderly journey; moreover, we promoted the friendship among us. While we were enjoying the beautiful scenery and experiencing the local national customs, we became more coordinated and cooperative for future works. At the end of the journey, we returned to Kunming to take a look at the Wonderland of Flowers, one of the biggest 4D spherical quaquaversal movie theatre in China, opening a fantasy of gorgeous flower-dream journey, we also visited the which is the biggest monomer greenhouse in Asia, to enjoy the biggest beautiful jewelry sculptures in the world, and we visited the first experiential museum in the world, in which the multiple-subject scenes made us experience a journey to our dreams across the universe of time…We appreciate that the company organized this tour for us, and we will not live up to the honors and trusts granted by the company! In the future works, we are bound to make greater efforts to strive for the excellent models of the company again in the coming year!

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