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Address: No. 699 Xingqing Road,
           Jiading Industrial Park,
           Shanghai, 201807

Switchboard: +86 021-39538786

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Customer Hotline: 800-820-2796

E-mail: sales@chinafastpcb.com

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To our dear friends and partners,

Fast-PCB has been in the PCB industry for over ten years, these ten years are full of hard work, happiness and productivity. We have grown from a small-scale factory with less than 100 employees, at the early stages of the entrepreneurship, to one of the top 100 PCB companies. We appreciate the strong support and selfless care that Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology Corp. Limited has received from all sectors of society, and thank all our assiduous employees, who work very hard at their positions.

We believe a person can accomplish anything if he makes great efforts and believes in himself, and this statement applies for all companies as well. There are a lot of companies competing, and new firms rushing onto the market. Our efforts enable us to perform solid works and remain competitive. Confidence allows us to be stronger in an environment where competition and development coexist at the same time, and opportunities and challenges appear together. With these two factors, a company can establish the foundation for its own development. It enables each person in the company to shine with miraculous brightness of humanity and intelligence in life and work, while enabling our partners to meet the future with unbounded confidence like us. This is our value, our motivation and faith to provide our customers with the highest quality PCBs.

Excellent thought originates from excellent culture, and “common effort, common entrepreneurship, common development and sharing achievements” is the quintessence of the Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology Corp. Limited’s culture.

We will keep pursuing first-class production and services and create an enthusiastic, open, sincere and pioneering win-win atmosphere. We welcome the guests and friends from all paths of life to collaborate in development and create brilliancy together with Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology Corp. Limited.

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