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PCB Services and Technologies

The Fast-PCB production unit, with an experience of more than ten years in PCB fabrication, is able to manufacture rigid PCBs up to 40 layers, Rigid-Flex PCBs up to 16 layers as well as flexile PCBs up to 6 layers. Our employees count with the skills required to adequately operate the top-end technology equipment used to manufacture special PCBs including advanced specs as blind and buried vias, high-frequency PCBs, high TG PCBs, IC bonding PCBs, carbon-printing PCBs, heatsink PCBs, capacitance & resistance embedded PCBs and insulated metal base PCBs with a monthly capacity of more than 12,000 square meters and 9,000 varieties.

Fast-PCB can provide high-quality and reliable PCB manufacturing services to new and returning customers relying on our perfect product quality guarantee system, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies. Fast-PCB ranks at the top in the processing industry of high-mix/low-volume PCBs because we can provide a prompt response and rapid delivery. By virtue of our domestic and overseas service team, Fast-PCB makes commitments to the customers, such as a 24-hours rapid response in Chinese and English, replying to customers within two hours, a 24-hours lead time for double sided PCBs, a 48-hours lead time for multilayer 4-6L PCBs, a 7-days rapid delivery for multilayer 8 to 14L PCBs, among others, in order to meet our customer’s rapid and effective demands for PCBs.

Fast-PCB has established a R&D Department for PCBs, composed by engineers and skilled technicians with more than ten years of experience in the industry, in response to the rising market demand of PCBs with special requirements and high difficulties, as customized multilayer PCBs, resistance embedded PCBs, capacitance embedded PCBs and various military PCBs, this department also provides powerful technical guarantee for high-end PCB manufacturing.

PCB Services and Technologies
Conventional PCB Capability
 Item Capability
Layer Count 2 to 40 layers
Finished Board Thickness 0.21-10.0 mm
 PCB Size 0.8*1.2- 22*42 inch
 Surface Finnish HASL (leaded), Immersion Gold, ENEPIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Flash Gold, Organic Solderability Preservatives, HASL (lead free), Soft Ni/Au Plating, Hard Ni/Au Plating and Gold Finger Plating, etc.
Base Material FR4, High TG, Halogen-Free, High-Frequency (Rogers, Arlon\Taconic, Nelco, Taixing Microwave F4B and Isola...), etc.
Soldermask Color Green, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Matte Green and Purple
Silkscreen Color White, Blue, Black, Grey, Yellow and Red
Reliability Test 100% Electrical Test, Impedance Test, RoHS Test, Thermal Stress Test, High Potential Test, Ionic Contamination Test, Solderability Test, Micro-Sectioning Analysis Test, Insulation Resistance Test and Loss Tangent Test
Maximum Copper Thickness 10 OZ (Outer Layer) / 6 OZ (Inner Layer)
Aspect Ratio 16:1
Minimum Bow & Twist 0.50%
Minimum Line Width and Spacing 3 / 3 mils
Minimum Hole Size 0.15 mm
Minimum Dam of Solder Mask 3.5 mils
Type of PCBs available Conventional PCBs, Multilayer Backplane, Blind & Buried Via PCBs, IC Bonding PCBs, Rigid and Flexible PCBs, Embedded Resistance/Capacitance PCBs, Heatsink PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, Halogen-Free PCBs, High TG PCBs, Insulated Metal Base PCBs and other Hi-Tech PCBs
Classification Serial No. Item Standard Capability Advanced Capability
Embedded Resistance PCBs 1 Layer Count 2 to 24 layers >24 layers (By Quote)
2 Layer of Resistance Embedded 1 to 3 layers > 3 layers (By Quote)
3 Resistance Tolerance 5 to 7% 3 to 5% layers (By Quote)
Embedded Capacitance PCBs 1 Layer Count 2 to 16 layers > 16 layers (By Quote)
2 Layer of Embedded Capacitance 1 to 2 layers > 2 layers (By Quote)
Flexible PCBs 1 Layer 2 to 16 layers  
2 Flexible Layer <= 6 layers  
3 Stiffener PI\FR-4  
 Serial No. Item
1 Inner Capacitance Embedded PCBs with Rogers Material
2 Hybrid PCBs with Blind&Buried Via and Special Materials
3 Hybrid PCBs with Blind Slot and Special Materials
4 Interstitial Via Hole (IVH) PCBs with Special Materials
  • Embedded resistor PCB

  • Embedded resistor PCB

  • High Frequency PCB

  • Rigid-Flex PCB

  • IC Test PCB

  • Copper substrate PCB

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