Fast PCB

Chairman's Address

Dear friends and partners:

Our company has gone through 19 years since its establishment, which can be described as 19 years of arduous entrepreneurship and 19 years of happy harvest! We have gone through a journey of hard work and sweat from being a small-scale enterprise with less than 100 employees in the early stages of entrepreneurship in 2004 to becoming one of the top 100 enterprises in China's electronic circuit industry. We are grateful to all sectors of society for their strong support and selfless care for Shanghai Fast PCB Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. We are also grateful to the hardworking and dedicated employees in various positions!

Since its establishment, Jiajie Tongren has established the mission of "quickly providing printed circuit and electronic mounting services to customers". Strive to become a leading global one-stop provider of printed circuit research and development, manufacturing, and assembly services. The core values of the company, which are "conscientious, enterprising, striving together, and sharing achievements," are our motivation and belief in providing customers with high-quality products.

The company has continuously introduced excellent talents, adopted advanced domestic and foreign process technology, and advanced scientific management methods, and carried out research and development of various new technologies, materials, and processes to meet the differentiated requirements of customers in different fields in terms of technical performance. The company's performance has achieved rapid and stable development, and has established the excellent brand of "Fast PCB".

Standing at a new starting point, we are facing new opportunities for leapfrog development, shouldering new missions, and carrying new expectations. Therefore, we will continue to strive for first-class quality and service, and create a win-win atmosphere of enthusiasm, openness, sincere cooperation, and pioneering spirit. We sincerely welcome people of insight to join Shanghai Fast PCB Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. to seek common development and create brilliance!