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Shoulder the heavy responsibility with softness, and let women bloom in their youth

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In the third month of sunny spring, the peach blossoms on the human face complement each other in red. On the occasion of the 113th International Women's Day on March 8th, in order to extend holiday greetings and the best wishes to the female employees who have worked hard, silently contributed, and worked hard in various positions, the company's labor union has prepared a rich holiday gift for all female employees.


On the afternoon of March 8th, Chairman Yan Xuefeng and Company Party Branch Secretary Zou Jie sent holiday gifts to the female employees on the production line, wishing them a happy holiday, smooth work, and happy family. And encourage female employees to 'surpass men in terms of women', contribute their 'strength' to the development of the enterprise, and devote themselves to their work with a more uplifting spirit and enthusiasm, in order to achieve new entrepreneurial achievements from a new starting point.


Soft shoulders carry heavy responsibilities, and women show responsibility. I believe that in the coming days, the female employees of the company will not forget their original intention, complete various work tasks with high starting points, high standards, and high efficiency, and make their own contributions to the development of the company.