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Jiangxi Xinfeng Government Enterprise Morning Tea Party arrived as scheduled in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere

Good time in May, a new chapter in government and enterprise history. On May 20th, the Jiangxi Xinfeng Government Enterprise Morning Tea Party arrived as scheduled in an atmosphere of relaxed integration and governance. Focusing on building a national innovative county and implementing the action of empowering scientific and technological innovation, seven leading technology entrepreneurs and the county party secretary Yuan Yan drank morning tea, had heartfelt conversations, solved problems, and conspired for development.

Yuan Yan first introduced the innovation empowerment and economic development of Xinfeng Technology in the first quarter, as well as measures to build a new type of pro Qing political business relationship. He pointed out that innovation is development, and innovation is the future. The county party committee and government attach great importance to innovation work, and will further cultivate a fertile soil for innovation, cultivate an innovation ecosystem, and create an innovation highland.

Provide opinions and suggestions on the reform of the scientific and technological system.

Xu Guoxiang, Senior Business Manager of Han's CNC Technology (Xinfeng) Co., Ltd

Han's CNC Technology (Xinfeng) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned listed subsidiary of Han's Laser Holdings, focusing on PCB equipment research and development. Xinfeng is a rising star in the development of the PCB industry and a highland for PCB industry development. Here, the industrial chain layout is complete, and cadres have high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, precise and efficient services, strong development vitality, and sufficient potential. We are rooted in Xinfeng and deeply rooted in Xinfeng with full confidence! "Said Xu Guoxiang, a senior business manager, We will further accelerate production, expand production at full capacity, and build a global PCB industry collaborative innovation center at Xinfeng to help Xinfeng build a global PCB industry hub

Song Zhenwu, General Manager of Jiangxi Qiangda Circuit Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Qiangda Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type of automated chemical factory, one of the "Top 100 Enterprises in the PCB Industry", and a national high-tech enterprise. Song Zhenwu, the general manager of the company, presided over and participated in the research and development and design of multiple PCB manufacturing technologies. Xinfeng is a highland for PCB industry agglomeration, innovative resources, and talent accumulation, with vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship vitality. We are confident in our development here! "He said that he will increase product research and development efforts, seize the international market, and become a bigger and stronger enterprise.

Zhu Yi, Chairman of Jiangxi Lvmeng Technology Holdings Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Lvmeng Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that has grown and grown locally, as well as a national specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise. Chairman Zhu Yi is a national high-level and leading talent in technological innovation. He said, "The county party committee and government support enterprises to build R&D centers and talent enclaves in different places, especially in the grand and grand layout. They turn the impossible into possible and achieve the utmost possible. They have placed the School of Navel Orange Modern Industry at Gannan Normal University in Xinfeng, providing a continuous source of professional talent support for our development, In the future, we will further strengthen the integration of advantageous resources with developed cities both domestically and internationally, efficiently solve problems such as product upgrading and talent introduction, and continue to lead in the field of post harvest fruit and vegetable sorting.

Li Xiangbo, Production Director of Ganzhou Keshi Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Ganzhou Keshi Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Keshi Optical Technology Co., Ltd., mainly producing intelligent high-end digital lithography equipment in the PCB field. We settled in December last year and started production and operation in just one month, which is very efficient and has refreshed the 'sci-tech speed'. This cannot be achieved without the full support and thoughtful and meticulous service of leaders at all levels of Xinfeng. "Production Director Li Xiangbo said," Focus on Xinfeng, accelerate the realization of full production and full capacity, and sprint for the second quarter.

Zhang Zhenxiang, Principal of Ganzhou Hemei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Ganzhou Hemei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to global innovative drug research and development. The person in charge, Zhang Zhenxiang, happily talked to everyone about the latest progress of the company. "We have achieved significant progress in incubation and improvement, and it is expected that we can achieve drug and enterprise marketing next year

Jia Shilei, CEO of Hangzhou Jiepai Information Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Jiepai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is fully invested and established by Hangzhou Jiepai Information Technology Co., Ltd., committed to building a national PCB industrial internet innovation center. Jia Shilei, CEO of Hangzhou Jiepai Information Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company's production and operation status this year, as well as its next development plans. "Xinfeng's' 5.20 'Enterprise Service Day, government enterprise morning tea party, government enterprise roundtable meeting, and other events have a profound reputation and influence. Our first participation made us feel very close and our confidence in development doubled." He said that he will help more PCB companies complete digital transformation and accelerate the fission development of Xinfeng's PCB industry.

Liu Haiping, Chairman of Jiangxi Enbuli New Materials Co., Ltd

Liu Haiping, Chairman of Jiangxi Enbuli New Materials Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude for the care and support of various departments at all levels of Xinfeng, and expressed full confidence in future development. "We will seize industrial development opportunities and accelerate the promotion of new projects." He hopes that the whole society will pay more attention to micro innovation, stay close to the market, and form new momentum.

Yuan Yan pointed out that

Holding a government enterprise morning tea party is not only a communication meeting, but also a coordination meeting, and a bridge and link between enterprises to exchange information. I hope that all entrepreneurs have firm confidence in development, fully leverage the role of entrepreneurs as leaders, and accelerate the promotion of transformation, upgrading, and innovative development. We need to unblock communication channels and further expand the connection between the government and enterprises, so that enterprises can reflect problems and express their demands anytime and anywhere. We need to solidly carry out the "dual recruitment and dual attraction" work of attracting talents and talents, vigorously promote deep cooperation between industry, academia, and research, accelerate the construction of Shenzhen Industrial Park and Ganzhou Science and Technology Innovation Future Town, and contribute scientific and technological strength to the construction of high-quality development demonstration pilot areas in revolutionary old areas.

When taking a group photo, Yuan Yan sincerely invited entrepreneurs to stand in position C, fully reflecting the clear attitude of the county party committee and government towards respecting entrepreneurs.

When the tide rises, the sea and sky are wide, and we sail forward. In the hinterland of the Bay Area, running Xinfeng, the city of the future, government and enterprise "face to face", will inevitably collide with the "science and innovation spark" of Orange Township.