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Shanghai Fast-PCB Holds Employee Basketball League

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In order to further strengthen corporate culture, enrich employees' leisure life, and improve their physical fitness, the company's labor union has decided to carry out employee basketball league activities.


On April 15th, 29 employees from three participating teams of the company participated in the competition. Chairman Yan Xuefeng and Vice President Tang Yongcheng attended the event. With a whistle, the basketball game officially began. Serving, dribbling, passing, cutting... The players from both sides of the attack and defense go all out on the field, actively fighting, defending closely, cooperating harmoniously, and chasing each other on the field, with an even score and a brilliant scene. Through basketball leagues, it is possible to enhance employees' teamwork spirit and ability, enhance friendship among colleagues in various departments, and enhance cohesion.


Afterwards, the company will select elites from three teams and form a team belonging to the company to represent the company in the friendly competition between enterprises, highlighting the company's cultural heritage and thriving corporate image.