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Fast-PCB Appears at the 2021 Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition

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From April 14th to 16th, the 2021 Munich Electronics Exhibition was held as scheduled at the Shanghai International Expo Center. The exhibition gathered over 1000 well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises, covering the complete electronic technology industry chain.

The exhibitors showcased a variety of cross industry products, including semiconductors, embedded systems, sensors, and more. The exhibition site comprehensively created a professional exhibition platform spanning the upstream and downstream of the industry from product design to application implementation, interpreting the theme of "integrating innovation and guiding the future with intelligence".

Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., which is participating in this exhibition, is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production and manufacturing. It has its own independent research and development center. Fast-PCB has a complete product quality assurance system, as well as excellent equipment and advanced technology, which can provide high-quality and reliable printed circuit board production services to new and old customers; Timely response and rapid delivery are another important reason why Fast-PCB is at the forefront of the small and medium-sized batch printed circuit board processing industry. Currently, the company has established both domestic and overseas service teams. Fast-PCB promises to customers: 24-hour fast response in Chinese and English, reply to customers within two hours, 24-hour delivery of double-sided printed circuit boards, 48-hour delivery of 4-6 layer printed circuit boards, and 7-day fast delivery of 8-14 layer printed circuit boards, Meet customers' fast and efficient printed circuit board needs.

During the exhibition, our resident colleagues exchanged industry information with numerous exhibitors, and everyone highly praised our company's research and development capabilities.

Shanghai Fast-PCB Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Fast-PCB") is located in the Jiading Industrial Zone of Shanghai. The company covers an area of 13100 square meters, with a total factory area of 18000 square meters. The company's technical and management team has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, and has a professional product research and development team. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The company has always been committed to the production, manufacturing, and research and development services of high-precision, small and medium-sized batches, and fast printed circuit boards, providing professional, reliable, efficient, and high-quality services for domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and research institutions. The products are widely used in communication, industrial control Various fields such as computer applications, automobiles, healthcare, testing instruments, etc.

Based on the Shanghai manufacturing base, with three major business modules of PCB design, PCB production, and SMT mounting as the foundation, and with technology and management as the core competitiveness, we are committed to providing high-quality product design and manufacturing services and solutions to industry users from around the world. At present, Fast-PCB has customers in twelve countries and regions, with thousands of customers from around the world.

Our philosophy is to achieve our dreams through innovation. All Jiajie Tongren are full of confidence and striving to continue their glory, striving to become a world-class provider of PCB/PCBA design and manufacturing service solutions.