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Sudden! Meiguang has not passed the review! Stop purchasing!

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According to China NetEase on the 21st, the Cybersecurity Review Office recently conducted a cyber security review of Meiguang's products sold in China in accordance with the law.

The review found that Meiguang Company's products have serious network security risks, posing significant security risks to China's key information infrastructure supply chain and affecting China's national security. Therefore, the Cybersecurity Review Office has made a conclusion in accordance with the law that it will not pass the cybersecurity review. According to laws and regulations such as the Cybersecurity Law, operators of critical information infrastructure in China should stop purchasing products from Meiguang Company.

The network security review of Meiguang Company's products is aimed at preventing product network security issues from endangering the security of key national information infrastructure, and is a necessary measure to maintain national security. China firmly promotes high-level opening-up to the outside world, and as long as it complies with Chinese laws and regulations, welcomes enterprises and various platform products and services from various countries to enter the Chinese market.

Micron is a storage chip company whose main products are NAND storage chips and solid-state drives. According to CFM flash memory market data, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Micron had a global DRAM market share of 23.3%, ranking third. Its share in the global NAND Fast market was 0.5%, ranking fifth. The company is also one of the few storage manufacturers in the United States.

On March 31 of this year, the Cybersecurity Review Office stated that in order to ensure the security of critical information infrastructure supply and prevent potential network security risks caused by product issues. To maintain national security, in accordance with the National Security Law of the People's Republic of China and the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, the Cybersecurity Review Office conducts cybersecurity reviews of Meiguang Company's products sold in China in accordance with the Cybersecurity Review Measures.